Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management


COVID-19 information

31.08.2023. Infection control measures in connection with the Corona pandemic have been lifted nationwide, so this section is discontinued until further notice.
The Education Authorities and partner Universities are continuously assessing the various scenarios for granting a safe course start.


New 2021 cohort students

  • Students from abroad studying in Member States or Schengen Associated States who have the APPROPRIATE PERMIT or VISA are allowed to come to Spain. This exemption from general travel restrictions has been published in the Spanish BOE and is in force from 1st July 2020 onwards, subject to further amendments.
  • The following additional requirements are currently put in place:

    • The final destination of the trip must be Spain and the entrance must happen not earlier than 15 days before the master start. It is suggested not to arrive before 1st September 2021.
    • Hold a valid health insurance policy. For this purpose, the Master will contract the corresponding policy beforehand only for those students who have paid the reservation fee. The insurance policy will be in force from September the 1st, lasting the whole academic year. The insurance documents will be emailed to the student along July. The students who decide not to pay the reservation must contract the insurance by their own, otherwise they can be denied to enter in Spain.
    • Depending on the origin country, hold a certificate with a NEGATIVE PCR result (COVID-19 RT-PCR), carried out in the 72 hours before arrival in Spain. Further details and required forms can be found here:
  • Course enrolment and start are scheduled for September. Check relevant dates here
  • Teaching will be classroom-based, as usual. We are working on the different measures to ensure lectures will develop safely.
  • Distance teaching based on our Virtual Campus and Webex platforms will be also implemented in parallel for those students who cannot arrive on time due to a delay in getting the VISA. This exceptional measure will be extended for a while until visa issues are fixed.
  • These online platforms will be activated to ensure the continuity of the learning process in case of a new lockdown comes to place during the first semester. The very same measures have been planned and prepared in RTU in case pandemic returns during the second semester.
  • The printed version of the resolution will be mailed to the postal address you provided in your application form. However, delivery may suffer from delays due to pandemic global situation. Meanwhile, you can try with the digitally signed version of the documents we send to you if this is required for visa and/or scholarship application. Currently, electronic documents are being accepted by embassies.
  • If you are not able to provide an official certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, First), we will provisionally accept a Linguaskill test B2 or higher to prove your knowledge of English.


Current 2020 cohort students

There are two possibilities for travelling to Germany:
  • If your Spanish residence permit is valid at your arrival in Wildau, you DO NOT need to apply for a
    German visa but can immediately apply for a German residence permit upon arrival at the
    immigration office here in Berlin/Brandenburg.
  • If your Spanish residence permit expires before your arrival in Germany, you are NOT allowed to
    move freely within the Schengen area, and need to apply for a German visa in the German embassy
    where you are currently living.

Download this document for detailed information.